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What We Do

Residental Design

Different people have different ways and methods of leading their life, but most of them will often agree on a few basic things that are a must. And everyone believes that home design, at some level, is a must. Of course, the degree of sophistication, interest shown in it and success achieved vary from individual to individual. Yet, once in a while someone asks you why home design is actually required? If I happen to be comfortable in the mess I live in, then what is the need for order? Well, we have some pretty good reasons for why you need to set your home straight and design it right.

Office Design

Offices are the second indoor spaces where we spend our time after homes. So it’s very important for them to look beautiful, functional and healthy!
Curious to discover how to improve the design of your office? Then check out these office design ideas Whether this means leaving the space calm and uncluttered or going for a bold wall color and plenty of accessories, make sure your office interior design is inspiring and energizing! In fact, creating an inspiring ambiance is the number one on the list of good office design ideas.

Commercial Design

Commercial interior design plays a pivotal role in the success of any business. Commercial designer conceptualizes spaces for businesses. This would include Hotels, Restaurants, Lounges, Retail spaces, Banks, Theatres, Hospitals, Libraries, Clubs, Shopping malls, Spas and everything in between.
Every time we enter a shopping mall, a club, a hotel, a restaurant or basically any other commercial/ public space we form a general impression about the way it’s designed, structured and tailored to suit our needs as well as those of the businesses they represent and we do all of this often at an unconscious level.

P.O.P Design

An easy and versatile way to accessorise your home is to experiment with plaster of Paris. POP or Plaster of Paris, is a quick-setting plaster made of white powder that hardens when exposed to water and then allowed to dry. POP is mostly used to make false ceilings and protrusions in home interior design.
Apart from designing the perfect false ceiling, it can be used in a number of ways in every room. You can give your home a classy Victorian look with wall trims or a grand traditional feel with POP jaali panels.

Carpet Design

Carpets provide excellent acoustical benefits and reduce noise by absorbing sound, rather than reflecting it as hard surfaces do. Due to the cushy backing and many soft fibres, carpets provide excellent acoustical benefits and reduce noise by absorbing sound, rather than reflecting it as hard surfaces do.
More than 20 years ago, Doyle Bloss, now a marketing manager for hot-water carpet extractor manufacturer U.S. Products, listed five reasons why carpet can benefit a facility, whether residential or commercial.


Exhibition Design

There are many different types of exhibit, ranging from museum exhibitions to retail and trades show spaces, to themed attractions, zoos, and visitor centers. All types of exhibits aim to communicate a message through engaging their audiences in meaningful and compelling interactions. Use a wide range of technologies and techniques to develop experiences that will resonate with diverse audiences–enabling these targeted audiences to access the messages, stories, and objects of an exhibit.

Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

The first step will be a meeting arranged with our Head – Business Development where he will show you some of our recent projects’ actual photos. We will measure the premises and then, we shall ask you and your family about 100+ questions which will include your family size, budget, requirements, lifestyle, likes and dislikes, taste, and all the possible questions which will help us to conceptualize your dream home. After this, let us finalize and start collaborating with you for your dream home.

After the initial client meeting where goals and objectives are agreed up and discussed, the first step in the interior design process is concept development. This is the probably described as the funnest part of the job because the designers really get to flex their creative muscles.Before we reveal to you the “after” photos of this recently completed project, please take a look at the concept presentation below. It is important to understand the inspiration, theory and design intent that goes into producing such seamless final products.

Every interior design project starts with a planning phase. What are you trying to achieve? Is it a remodel or a new build? Either way, for best results, you want to start with creating a floor plan – either of the room, the entire floor, or the whole house. If you already have a blueprint, you can use this as the basis for your project. If not, spend time measuring the walls and making a sketch – this is time well spent for later.

Now it’s time to get the sketch or blueprint into an online project, that you can carry with you every where you go. Use RoomSketcher to create your interior design project online, complete with walls, windows, doors and stairs, and any fixed installations that are not moveable.

Once the project is created, it’s easy to create your various versions and layouts, without having to completely re-draw the project every time. An online project is also easy to share with your clients and contractors, and you can work on the project anywhere, any time.

Now, this is the time where a team of experienced office furniture makers and interior design installers come into picture. Hence, a separate team will start working on each room decor and manufacture/deliver the material at project site. This is the stage which may require bifurcation of the complete implementation & manufacturing part depending on the size of work. Our interior designer in Hyderabad and installers will install the units as per finalized 3D interior design by customer. Finally, they will implement the bedroom design, bathroom design and all other part of the home decor accordingly..

As, we have a manufacturing unit of modular cabinets, therefore, we can provide better interior design in  Be it Office Interior or Home Interior, our interior designer in hyderabad have expertise in providing best solution within customer budget. Our manufacturing unit based  enable us to deliver fast product for interio design in Hyderabad

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